Mechanical Plating Pty Ltd

Since 1982

Mechanical Plating Pty Ltd
12 Schofield Street
Riverwood, NSW Australia 2210
+61 295333688



The World's 1st Budget sized Plating & Galvanising Plant!

  Mechanical Plating Pty Ltd is a fully owned Australian Company established in 1982, and has become the market leader in advancing growth and expansion of Mechanical Plating.  
  Our commitment is to provide our customers with a high quality Australian Made product at a competitive price. We are constantly evaluating and improving our processes, where we can, to meet the demand for cost constraint, through greater efficiency  

Examples of components that we 'Mechanically Galvanise'

  Glass beads used in the Mechanical Plating process Components that can be mechanically plated
  Cyclonic Fasteners  




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