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  Hollymetal® is an alloy consisting of zinc and tin. Zinc provides sacrificial protection, and tin is generally used as a barrier coat. The alloy of these two metals provides superior corrosion resistance. The tin inhibits the corrosion of the zinc, which in turn inhibits the corrosion of the part itself. Corrosion resistance is much higher with Hollymetal® composition is usually offered in 80/20 and 75/25 although it can be varied for certain applications.

This coating complies with AS3566 Class 4.


Salt Spray Resistance

The following table shows hours to red rust for various thicknesses of Hollymetal® when subjected to Accelerated Corrosion tests using a 5% Neutral Salt Spray test in a cabinet to AS2331.3.1-1980


Coating Thickness Hours to Red Rust
Hollymetal® 10 micron 300
Hollymetal® 15 micron 500
Hollymetal® (Class AS 3566) 25 micron 1000
Hollymetal® (Class 4 AS 3566) 45 micron 3000
Hot Dip Galvanising** 42 micron 350

** As a comparison Hot Dip galvanising generally last 350 hours before red rust, in the same tests Salt Spray tests are shape specific and results may vary.



Substrates that can be plated

Low Carbon Steel Sintered Iron (Powder metallurgy)
Some Malleable & Modular Iron High Carbon Heat Treated Steel
Copper Various Tool Steels
High Strength Alloys Bronze
Lead Free Machining steel (inc. Leaded)
Nitrided Steels Cold Rolled Steel
Cast Iron Brass
Some Stainless Steels Zinc diecastings


This is a heavy Zinc coating that we are able to control with complete accuracy in the thickness range from 25-125 microns, depending on customers' requirements with no hydrogen embittlement. This coating will comply with Australian Standards on " hot-Dipped Galvanising" AS 1214-1983 and AS 1650-1981, which calls for a minimum thickness of 42 microns. The threads are "lump and dag" free and none of the components are stuck together.


Environment where Galvacoat can be applied

Components suitable for Galvacoat


Stangal is a multi-purpose coating! This is an alloy of Zinc and Tin with a Tin overlay as a barrier coating which will be more durable in extreme corrosion environments. Salt Spray Resistance of 1000 hours duration for a 10 micron thick coating to 2000hrs for a 15 micron coating are possible, and Salt Spray Resistance of up to 3000 hrs can be offered depending on the thickness of coating applied.


Environment where Stangal can be applied

Components suitable for Stangal


  Mechanical Zinc & Clear Chromate and Yellow Chromate

These coatings will give you the same "Salt Spray" resistance as the equivalent electroplated coatings but with No Hydrogen embrittlement on Hi-Tensile Steel. Available with exactly the thickness your require from 5 - 25 microns. The thicker coatings will substantially increase corrosion protection at negligible cost


Environment where Clear Chromate & Yellow Chromate can be applied

Components suitable for Chromate coatings



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