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What Coatings can be applied?



Mechanical Plating is a process of applying metallic coatings to metallic substrates, using mechanical energy. The process requires no heat or electrolysis, and does not induce any hydrogen embrittlement. This makes the coating suitable for high tensile components and spring steels.

Various coatings can be applied by this method;



 What is the difference between Mechanical Plating or Galvanising?

The process is the same, the only difference is the thickness of the coating.

Plating 8-12 micron

Galvanising 25-70 micron


  • Thickness can be controlled and thickness' from 2 micron to 100 micron are obtainable.

  • The coatings are a relatively even thickness over the surface of the part. Surface finish of the coating is generally slightly texture.


Mechanical plating is a versatile process, different combinations of coatings can be used at varying thicknesses to suit your specific application and provide the correct corrosion protection


 Making the correct choice over other plating methods

  • Unlike Electroplating, Mechanical Plating virtually eliminates the problems of parts breakage caused by 'hydrogen embrittlement'.

  • When parts break - literally exploding - under stress, the problem is often 'hydrogen embrittlement'.

  • Mechanical Plating produces no hydrogen embrittlement even at the hardness up to Rockwell C-55 and no post baking is required.

  • Parts designed to maintain stress load levels will remain stable, effectively eliminating component failure and the worries associated with product liabilities.

Uniform Coating Thickness

  • Conventional electroplating methods can lead to metal build-up at sharp edges, Mechanical Plating applies coverage to all surfaces of the part getting into the recesses and corners with no build-up of thickness on thread peaks.

  • This means more accurately gauged threads, better fitting parts and greater overall corrosion protection.


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