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7 reasons why you should consider Mechanical Plating



Does not induce Hydrogen embrittlement!



What is Mechanical Plating?


  Mechanical Plating is a unique process quite different to Electroplating , it does not require using an electric current to deposit one metal over another mechanical energy is used. The technology has been around for nearly half a century and is a commercially accepted process here in Australia.  
How is the Metallic Coating Deposited?

Mechanical Plating is a method of depositing metallic coating onto metal components by means of the mechanical energy produced by rotating a barrel or cylinder.

The parts to be coated are loaded into the barrel with a mixture of glass beads. water, chemicals and metal powder is added at various stages so that the combined effect of mechanical energy transferred through the glass beads and the chemicals, which keep the parts and metal powder oxide free, this causes the metal to be cold-welded onto the parts.

Due to the nature of the coatings and inhibited chemicals used mechanical plating is hydrogen embrittlement free.


  No  Cyanide !

  No  Chelated chemistry !

   No  Foul odours !

What is the basic process?



7. Barrel tumbles for approximately 50mins

8. Mechanical energy is produced which causes cold -welding onto parts.

The results:

 Mechanical Plating


Glass beads 

3.  Chemicals 


Metal Powder  


slurry is formed in barrel

6. Components added  to barrel



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