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New Design?


Do you need a specific product for a niche market and require it designed and manufactured?




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     All services listed below are available at both our Sydney and Melbourne Facilities. Mechanical Plating pride themselves on their friendly reliable service.

No job is too small


  Import your own screws? Mechanical Plating can shorten your lead times if you bring them in 'Hard and Plain" and commission us to Plate & Neo


Warehousing - we can store your product for future plating or galvanising.  
  Mechanical Plating can supply & assembly, or assembly only of cut washers, and polycarb Dome washers. 12 Machines available to supply 10g, 12g,14g, ploycarb domed washers


Mechanical Plating can galvanise your black standard size nuts and bolts (including Nyloc nuts)  
  Mechanical Plating are an Australian Customs approved Tradex site, allowing us to value add to your product whilst effectively in Bond before going to your overseas customer  

Australian Customs

 Approved Tradex site



  Upgrade your product from electroplated or hot dip galvanised to mechanically plated.


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