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What's the difference between Plating or Galvanising



Salt spray Resistance Test example







Head office at Scholfield Street, Riverwood NSW includes a factory for each of the following areas; 


Manufacturing & Maintenance Division



Assembly/painting Division


Stores & Warehousing

Plating Division


We have a comprehensive range of testing equipment that has expanded over the years to facilitate an increasing customer base and provide the highest standard of testing technology that includes the following;


Salt Spray Test Cabinet


Kokour Thickness Tester


Kestenich Testing


Full Metallographic Sectioning with Photographic Facilities


XRX X-Ray Flourescence Thickness Tester

The XRX system is advanced measurement equipment that means we can now certify for you product coated as small as 1mm x 1mm. ASTM uses this type of equipment to graduate standards in the USA.

   State of the Art in Non-Destructive Thickness Testing

Eddy Current Thickness Testers


Magnetic Induction Thickness Testers


Beta BackScatter Thickness Tester


Micro-Resistance Thickness Testers



Mechanical Plating Pty Ltd has prided itself in providing over two decades of quality Australian produced plating with remarkable speed of turn-around when required.

The manufacturing Division builds the full range of Mechanical Plating equipment from plating barrels to dryers and stainless steel tanks and accessories.

We have the ability to customise equipment to customers requirements. Spares for plating plants , both Mechanical Plating and electroplating plants.

Mechanical Plating Pty Ltd has moved into the field of design with the most efficient and powerful cyclone screw to be produced in Australia.




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